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Bug in Nethergate Resurrection?


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It's not a bug, it's a feature. Goagh-Nar is set up so you can't go back through the secret door as a Celt once you exit the area. To maximize loot you need to transfer it past the secret door so you can come back later for it. Similarly as the Romans, you have to place stuff outside the porticulls. Once you go to the lowest level, there is no extra trips.

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Like most of Shadowvale's sidhe population, the fomori don't like you. They tolerate you because they have to and because you can do something for them. Once that's done, they'd rather not see you ever again.


—Alorael, who supposes it's only fair warning to point out that this will be generally true of major quests. Do what you need to before you leave, because you tend to leave carnage, rubble, and anger in your wake.

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