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Died, dungeon counted as complete. Bug?

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Hello. A moment ago I was in a dungeon in the Low Dhaga. I don't recall the name, but the dungeon had 2 entrances on either side of some rock, and was near some lava. Inside the left-hand entrance was a man who said he hasn't seen his partner in ~2 weeks. Just beyond that man is a turn-wheel that locked me into the dungeon. Hopefully you recognize it based on that description.


I talked to the raiders. Then I killed the ghosts. Then the raiders betrayed me. Then I barely killed all the raiders. I went downstairs and saw a beholder. I noped outta there and went north. Then 2 creatures, a fire-golem-thing and something else wiped me.


I was revived by the queen. I went back to that same dungeon, had to use the turn-wheel again, but the whole thing was cleared. At least the top-level, I didn't go downstairs to where the Beholder was.


Is this a bug?


I read another post where someone described something like this for "tinker" (no spoilers please). I had a helluva time getting as far as I did; probably died/reloaded 10 times, so even if it was a bug, I'm mildly okay with it. I only use 1 save-slot, so I can't reload from before I locked myself into the dungeon.


I hope that the beholder is still downstairs...

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The beholder and its powerful monsters are separate from clearing the upper level which you did when you killed the raiders. Finding a note from the partner in a box and reporting the information clears the quest so it advances and you can now trade with him.


Going downstairs and fighting the beholder gains access to more loot and some it is useful.


Good luck.

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Posted (edited)
On 8/2/2023 at 12:53 PM, Randomizer said:

clearing the upper level which you did when you killed the raiders


Awesome. I feel better now. Thank-you.


The raider fight was wild. 4 vs. 8 turned into 3 vs. 1. I charmed the last raider, and exited combat to get a few spell-points. When it was over, I had 1 char with ~3 HP.


I'm playing on Torment Veteran, and while I complain in the moment, when I win I like it more than when I was playing on Casual.

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I'm playing Veteran, not Torment
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