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DR Fight Strategy [QW2] [possible spoilers]


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I could use some advice on the QW2 Nisse fight in the Dream Refuge underground. I don't know if I'm just not geared up enough or if there's a trick I haven't figured out, but I'm having a lot of trouble.


The difficulty is the obvious one: the main 3 mage enemies (Candlesmoke etc) heal with "balance" very fast. And you can't reduce them below 1 without hitting some particular trigger. One post I saw online suggested the trigger was to get the 2 backroom mages low at the same time, but I haven't been able to pull it off yet.


I cheesed the fight by killing all the Nisse warriors and then running away to take a nap and also teleported Candlesmoke into a room's corner so I don't pull her. Anything else to be done or just keep working at tactics til I get them to 0 simultaneously?

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You need to split your party to attack all three Nisse every round. Killing off the other fighters helps to make it so you can concentrate on those three and eventually the balance effect wears out if you can keep damaging them almost equally. Keep the party spread out so you don't get hit by area effect spells.


Summoning a creation for each of them helps especially since there was still an exploit that the Nisse would cast stasis on a character or creation and keep attacking it without doing any damage. If you have stasis, then you could cast it on your ow creations.


Slow and/or stun works well for keeping them from damaging you while you keep buffed. Have one character in the center of the place where it can heal the others or revive them if they die.


Good luck as this Is a tough fight even above level 20.

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Oh got it -- "balance" sets everyone to the HP percent of the highest among the three of them or something like that? I think this is the tip I was missing.


I was focusing on the backroom two thinking it was something like "kill the stuff in the back room and then the main boss can be hit" but it really is about "balance." I think I get it now. 


I have seen the "stasis my summon and get distracted" exploit which is fun. 


I don't think I have enough stun to make it worth it with their 80-90% resist, but I'll think it over.


Edit: this was the right tip. I cheesed it a bit more to teleport them all to a central location and then fled to rest (you can sacrifice some members of your party and let the rest run away, they won't chase you across the map). This let me use AoE which made the fight much easier

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(update on result)
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8 hours ago, Randomizer said:

Look in the garbage container. There is also a mention of the ghost in the hallway having and then no longer having a key.

Thank you! I had checked that jar several times, both before and after sleeping in the room, but it seems one needs to interact with the ghost before paying for (?) the third room for the key to appear in the jar.

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