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How to input multiple (or common) items using Character Editor

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Well, the title seems self-explanatory.  Celts get to use slings an unlimited number of times as long as they have 1 rock in inventory, but Romans run through javelins like sand through a sieve.  What I'd like to do is add 2 javelins (pila) to the three non-specialists between fights, and add 6 to the javelin specialist.  Unfortunately

a) I can only figure out how to add Blessed javelins, and I don't want them to be that high-powered, and

b) It looks like I can only add 1 to each character.


So, how do I add multiple javelins at a time, and how do I add bog-standard javelins?


EDIT:  It probably doesn't matter, but I should point out that in the nearly four years since I last posted here I've transitioned… from Mac to Windows.

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It occurred to me that it might be relevant.
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