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Avernum 3, can't I get all Xian items if I joined the Anama?

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So, I've joined the Anama and I am finishing some last business before the endgame. I would really like the 8 Xian items.


I have, so far: Xian Skull, Xian Harp, Xian Slacks, Xian Vest, Xian Pouch, Xian Coins, and Xian Rock. I need only one more.


I guess it would either be Xian Tome, Xian Chainmail or Xian Shrub. But the Tome isn't where it is supposed to be in the Tower of Magi, the Chainmail is also not there in the Upper Golem Factory, so I guess it leaves the Xian Shrub. However I think it is behind some lvl. 3 Barriers and I cannot get past it with Piercing Crystals.


Could anyone help? I would like to finish as an Anama.

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Xian Oil Lamp is in Tower of Magi - hidden witch

Xian Shrub Is in Sharamik - need key or level 2 Move Mountains

Xian Amphora - Upper Golem Factory Level 2 Magical barrier


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Some items are different and my cause you to lose your sanity looking for them. :)

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