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Are there detailed maps for games 2 & 3 like they had for the first game?

Lord Blade

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I don't know if there are detailed maps like that. What I do instead is edit the game scripts to make secret switches more visible. From the topic Cheat to Make Hidden Switches More Visible. I use it with the lighting animation effect to make them really stand out.


For Avadon 2 edit the file Avadon 2 Files/Scripts/av2objsmisc.txt in the game directory (on Steam, right-click the game in your Library list and select Manage > Browse local files). Search for this line, you should find it 2 times:

	ob_default_script = "secdoor";

And after each line like that insert this line:

	ob_graphic_effect = 11;


The same works for Avadon 1 (script "avobjsmisc.txt", it has "secdoor" 2 times) and for Avadon 3 (script "av3objsmisc.txt", it has "secdoor" 8 times).

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