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QW2- What was your ending code and final thoughts?[Spoilers]

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I currently have 8 and there's still 2 other playthroughs I need to do. Unfortunately I don't remember everything I did for the codes except for a few. It seems one difference can change a majority of the code(?) I don't have the time to look into what the codes may mean, but if someone figures it out I'll credit them and add it in.


QW2cjqbfrbcahfb- queen was very pleased with my actions/words, Ro didn't hate me, didn't fight at Prova Krug, possibly ordered a cautious approach(?)
QW2esbbfsdihfud-  dreamed with Nisse and wanted strong influence, fought at Prova Krug(only the wolf and her members wanted to fight), ordered Ro to be crushed, queen and family very pleased with me

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adding more info
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  • qw2crqagndshdfa ­— I played very diplomatic, though ruthlessly violent and times (like I killed the pitmaster in the Kranas Woods arena). At Prova Kruug only Raasa Elha chose to combat me, the other Raasas stepped down. I had only replaced Governor Yvette. I did not kill Geld Nas members other than to defend myself. I passed their test. I stayed away from the Nisse. In the end game I ordered General Miranda to harshly put down the rebellion. The Queen proclaimed me a hero of Haven. I openly challenged Sutter for the throne same as I had done in QW1. During the war only rebels from Low Dhaga joined in (because I didn't replace Governor Aato).
  • qw2cibngbdmhgay — I replayed the end game from above and supported Sutter for the throne, instead of challenging him. So looks like ending code is more obfuscated than in QW1.
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Had the highest level of favor with the Queen. Was only challenged by the Low Dhagans (for outright telling them I was going to change their treatment of women) and Wolf. Replaced both of the governors. Rights for women obviously improved. Supported Sutter. Accepted some dreams from the Nisse. When they tried to tempt me with a wish I refused their offer, which angered them. Then I drove them out of the region, which I imagine made them even angrier. Passed the Geld Nas' test. As far as I'm aware I completed every quest. Ordered that the army go all out in crushing the rebellion. For the most part no one really joined the rebellion other than an inconsequential number of Low Dhagans salty about my plans for their women. The rebellion wasn't even given the dignity of being referred to as a rebellion and was instead treated as a barely there uprising. Oh, and I killed both dragons.

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I just tried to get several codes, here they are:

1 cc bi cb ab ihtn
2 cu bl co au alif
3 ci br ce ap avjv
4 ck ql ca ab aqif
5 ce qh ce ap aovg
6 cp qh cy aw auif
7 cu qc cy aj antv
8 cx qb cj ac ayai
9 ce qa ci av admf
10 ce bu cw ad afla
11 cd bl cr af itra
12 cr qr co at flnr
13 cv bf ci aj jary
14 cy qd cs ay idyl
15 cs qo cd qc icai
16 ch qx ca aj ivwc
17 ci qt ce ab ibqh
18 ct ql cd ay idpx
19 cq qy cv al imxo

In all these games, I have acquired a high favor on the Rokaj side and a low favor on the Haven side. 
The code 1 corresponds to a game where I played a group in normal difficulty, the codes 2 to 19 a singleton in casual difficulty.
For the codes 2 to 1O, I went out before accepting the challenge, the others, the challenge was accepted, ...
Codes 4 to 7 correspond to the same game: I saved before the last dialog and gave the same answers; the same for codes 16-19.


Looking at these results, I have the impression that:


  • letters 1,3,5,7,9 are important,
  • letters 2,4,6,8,10 seem random,
  • letters 11-12 are maybe used to store a checksum.

Concerning the letter 3, I obtained 'b' except when I answered in the last dialogue, that there was another pretender to the throne 'q'.
Concerning the letter 9, it seems to depend on the last choice with Miranda and if the challenge was done or not, I got :
'a' (no challenge), 'f' (challenge, do nothing), 'i' (challenge, slow response to rebellion), 'j' (challenge, crush rebellion).

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Mine - qw2cgbvfhdejetu

Had respect of Ro (only had to fight the wolf), respect of the Queen, supported Sutter, didn't kill any dragons, completed all quests, replaced both governors, didn't do anything with the Nisse, but did complete the Geld Nas test.  Was able to complete most of the forts (didn't build 3 breweries - though may have had resources).  Have to say, used the reputation guide a lot to help determine some of the responses, towards the end, not as much since I had high rep with queen and Ro - most of the responses were ones I was selecting anyway.

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Mine was qw2cabbdddpgcdm.


- I didn't replace either governor. I wanted to replace Yvette, but I made the decision early in the game, and my queen rep was not good then.

- I improved rights for women in the Low Dhaga.

- Mother was very pleased with my words and actions in the Rokaj.

- The Ro respected me, but I still had to fight both the Kranas and Dhaga at Prova Krug.

- I answered the challenge of Prova Krug.

- I supported Sutter as king.

- I ordered the rebellion to be crushed utterly.

- I did not interact much with the Nisse this game. I had a single dream and that was about it.

- I was neither too violent nor too merciful.


I wonder if some of the choices from QW1 are also carrying over. The Nisse will likely appear again in the third game after all. Also, Jeff prefixed this code with qw2 which would suggest to me that he wants to be able to easily differentiate between codes from QW1 and QW2.

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I just did some more tests, here is what I found:


  • letter 1 (Nisse): c': discovered, d': a wish, life of comfort and leisure, e': a wish, life of power, ..., g': a wish, crown.
  • letter 5 (Sacramentum) : c' : no QW1 code, 'd' last answer to the reward : back to Sacramentum, 'e' last answer to the reward: ....
  • letter 7 (Queen's favor) : 'a' : very low, 'b' : low, 'c' : high, 'd' : very high
  • letter 9 (final status of Rokaj) : challenge not answered : 'a'

      otherwise, the formula looks like (with 'a'=0, 'b'=1', c='2', ...)

             1 + (gov Yvette replaced:2) + (gov Aato replaced:2) + (Miranda's answer, 0=do nothing, 3=crush the rebellion slowly, 4=crush the rebellion completely)+ ...


Concerning the letter 3, I didn't make much progress, a hypothesis could be that it corresponds to Slutter favour, in this case, 'a' : very-low, ..., 'd' : very-high and 'q' : insulted


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I redo some tests, and I find only +2 when governor Aato is replaced
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Nicely done @osnola. It looks correct for me for letters 1, 3, 5 and 7 with my codes.


For the 3rd letter I think you're right. My code had 'q' there and I insulted Sutter in the end game, saying I should still be king. Same I had done in the QW1 end game. I replayed the QW2 end game from the same savegame and supported Sutter for king that time, giving me 'b' as 3rd letter instead.



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Code: qw2chqogqauehhf


Replaced the incompetent governors, kept the competent one.

Saved the groves, pushed for Dhagan women's rights, etc.


Answered call of Prova Krug. Spared by all except Wolf, whom I regrettably had to kill.

Threatened Sutter's inheritance in the first game and made sure to do it again in this one. Just as funny the second time.

Queen thought I was an utter fool, ultimately sidelined at all opportunities in the ending.

Perceived as a merciful pushover by just about everyone.

High Litha rebelled against their Raasa's wishes, Low Dhaga rebelled with aid from the new governor's conflicting interests. Kranas was chill though. Wish they'd have joined.

Ultimately the rebellion was put down. No idea how to make it more successful.


Did all three dreams with the Nisse, but the third was was cancelled or something because I made the deal with them in the first one I think? Anyways it was nice to meet Candlesmoke.

Passed the Geld Nas test.


So went the thirdling's adventure into even deeper familial disappointment. I'm eager to see how I get to piss off my brother in the next one, but I'm also interested, once the underlying interaction mechanics are better understood, in replaying as a version of Princess Stingray that doesn't quite fail at achieving her grand goal of mercifully sabotaging Haven.

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17 hours ago, TheUmbra said:

Nicely done @osnola. It looks correct for me for letters 1, 3, 5 and 7 with my codes.

Yes, I have seen that sometimes my formula for letter 9 was one off (that's why I added ... at the end the formula).


It is possible that another term or others are added (maybe some action in High Litha). Or that the formula for governor replacement are more complicated, for example it could be :
- if gov. Yvette not replaced: 0
- if gov. Yvette replaced: 1 + ( if action1 performed: 1) + (if ... : 1) 

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On 9/21/2022 at 10:55 AM, osnola said:

Yes, I have seen that sometimes my formula for letter 9 was one off (that's why I added ... at the end the formula).

I replayed my savegame just before the end game a few times to give different answers to General Miranda and your formula for letter 9 is also on point. I misunderstood it before.

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Ok. Unfortunately there are another ending codes where my formula is one point off, for instance, when I look at the code qw2cabbdddpgcdm, my formula gives 1+(4: rebellion crush utterly), ie 'f' not 'g' :-~



If someone wants to test, here are the sdf I know:


  • sdf(7,18): answer to Miranda (1: crush utterly, 2: crush slowly, 3: do nothing)
  • sdf(80,9): governor Yvette (3: confirmed, 4: replaced)
  • sdf(80,11): governor Aato (3: confirmed, 4: replaced)

Just press Shift+D to enter the cheat code mode and type SDF 80 9 3 to change the value of sdf(80,9) to 3, i.e. say that governor Yvette is confirmed


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Just finished.


I got : qw2cxbxfwdsjcvh


Ro and Queen respect were good. Only challenged by Elha. Replaced both Governors. Dreamt with the Nisse and refused their dirty magic, then drove them out again. Completed the Geld Nas test but did not attack them. Killed both insolent dragons. Respected women in Low Dhaga. 


The seesaw between keeping the Queen and Ro happy reminded me a lot of Rebels versus Shapers in the Geneforge series. Hard to keep both groups satisfied. Looking forward to this mysterious new vassal in the third one. Maybe there will be more parts of Haven as well?

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On 9/24/2022 at 6:11 AM, Shadow Wulfe said:

Just finished.


I got : qw2cxbxfwdsjcvh


The seesaw between keeping the Queen and Ro happy reminded me a lot of Rebels versus Shapers in the Geneforge series. Hard to keep both groups satisfied. Looking forward to this mysterious new vassal in the third one. Maybe there will be more parts of Haven as well?

Didn't the Queen say that one of her main regrets is that she hasn't managed to gain/conquer a new territory during the reign? This is a huge hint about what is gonna happen in the third game - we won't be dealing with a Vassal, but with a completely independent state.

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