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This damn windows BOA update


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Does anyone else find that when you try to update the windows version of BOA you just get a "this page cannot be displayed" thing. Its really annoying me but i suppose the update isnt really nessisary but any help would be great.


PS. I know I can't spell...give me a break I'm suprised I can even walk let alone type.

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ummm, nope. all seems well here.


i assume you are trying to use the 3.3MB patch at the bottom of this page http://www.avernum.com/blades/techsupp.html


have you confirmed that the version you are trying to update is in fact the old v1.0 and not the already updated v1.0.1? at worst concider downloading the current version from the list of sites. http://www.avernum.com/blades/index.html


at what point are you getting the error message?

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