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Damage Formulas - QW2


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Most of my analysis is based on slarty's post here for the previous game: https://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/25033-damage-formulas/ This post is updated to include the damage dice of new abilities.


Basic Attacks

Damage = Weapon Level + Weapon Base Damage + Bonus Damage + Die Roll

Number of Dice: 1 +1 per odd character level.

Dice Size: Dependent on weapon


Weapon Level: Each weapon has its own weapon level. You can see what this is by placing it in a box - the item icon in the container will show the weapon level under the image.

Weapon Base Damage: This is 0 or 1 for most weapons, but some have an unusual value, like 10 for the Dhagan Defender. Can't be viewed in-game.

Bonus Damage: Your total bonus physical damage for physical weapons or magical damage for magical weapons. Also includes bonus damage from the Haven's Command passive cultural ability.


Damage Dice by Weapon

(Bold is new or changed in QW2)

d2 - Dagger, Bow, Wand, Fool's Shot, Ice Bow

d3 - Sword, Axe, Arcane Sword, Staff, Scourge, Dhagan Defender

d4 - Cutlass of Radiance

d5 - Spear, Halberd, Arcane Spear, Pirate Sword (d4 for cleave damage)


Skill Damage

Skill damage gets a bit more complicated as the type of skill you use depends on what affects the damage. We'll ignore abilities like Brutal Blow since they just modify basic attacks and use the basic attack formula.


General Damage FormulaWeapon Level + Skill Base Damage + Bonus Damage + Die Roll.


Weapon Level: For "spell" type abilities, you add the weapon level of your equipped weapon only if it is a weapon that deals arcane damage. For example, shock will add weapon level to damage if you have an arcane sword equipped, but not if you have a dagger equipped. Some other skills like Whirlwind add the weapon level of your ranged weapon. No abilities seem to use your melee weapon level.

Skill Base Damage: Each skill has its own base damage. Weapon base damage is not used here.

Bonus Damage/Dice Roll: Same as basic attacks


Spell Damage

Damage for all these abilities are modified by your weapon level if you have a magic weapon equipped.


Shock: 5 + d5

Icy Wave: 8 + d3

Poison Rain: 2 + d2

Shockwave: 1 + d2

Fireball: 10 + d4

Ensnaring Vines: 9 + d3

Mad Flurry: 5 + d2


Ensnaring Vines and Mad Flurry are a bit weird because they do physical damage, yet still benefit from having a magic weapon equipped.


Ranged Skill Damage

Damage for all these abilities are modified by your ranged weapon's weapon level


Whirlwind: 5 + d3

Stonespires: 0 + d3

Bull Rush: 0 + d4


Healing Skills

Healing Formula: Base Skill Healing + Die Roll


Base healing from skills is very simple as you can see. They are modified by your healing bonus, however, so they'll often heal more than their low numbers might suggest.


Healing: 5 + d3

Healing Wave: 5 + d3

Restoring Rain: 5 + d2

Haven's Mercy: 18 + d5 (wow)

Spectral Armor: 5 + d3 (note: this is affected by Blessing Duration instead of Healing Bonus)


I think that covers everything. Please let me know if I missed anything

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Thank you for the write-up. Do you have any clue what the Haven's Command bonuses would be like? I had 2 skill ranks of that in my 1st game, but w/ no way of knowing if those were skill ranks better placed elsewhere. I'm on my 2nd game and...15th level I think...just put 1 skill rank there. But skill ranks are quite limited w/ the 20-level cap, and I'd like to make more informed choices about placements for them.

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For the 2nd game in a row, my Prince and 2h weapon user have used the Fool's Shot and Ice Bows. Does that mean, based on the above (D2 for them) formulae, they do less dmg w/ Whirlwind than if they used vanilla bows that output more physical dmg? I mean Fool's Shot is still great for the bleed add-on, and having at least 2 party members be able to apply magic dmg isn't a bad idea, but I'm still curious.


Separate question I keep forgetting to ask: critical hits; how does that dmg calculate? Is it 150% and armor is ignored? I'm trying to figure out what happens sometimes when a PC takes massive dmg and the console text tells me none of my armor was used to soften the blow.

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I don't know about crits. I *think* it's 50% bonus damage, then apply armor, but armor has consistently confused me in how it's implemented, so it's hard to say.


Whirlwind damage is affected by your bow's weapon level, so it gains bonus damage regardless of whether it's a magic damage bow or physical damage bow. However, if you have a bunch of physical damage bonus and not magical, you're better off using a physical bow.

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Hmm, I must not have come across the Dhagan (?) Defender; maybe in my current, pro-Ro game I will. I think I understand what to look for now vis a vis physical v. magical bonuses for the character, and making sure I pick an appropriate bow--especially if I have and use Whirlwind. My 2nd, melee PC (2h) is using Temptation (magical) and the Ice Bow (magical), and I'm pretty sure his magical bonus > his physical bonus (he's a bit of a Gish-type PC). Later I'll switch to the Warp Spear, assuming my current band survives the Arena combats, and I'll upgrade the Piretical Sword to the oddly-named Cutlass of Radiance (which is 2h) for my staff-wielding mage.


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Ok, interesting. Wait though -- by "mad flurry damage" is that damage vs the primary target or damage against the peripheral targets? So, arcane weapon equipped, + magic damage boosts against primary, + physical boosts against peripheral targets of the flurry? Or do you lose +mag damage bonuses against all targets with mad flurry?



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On 9/21/2022 at 7:51 PM, Randomizer said:

Fool's Shot is physical damage and the Ice bow and Dragon Defender are magical damage, so check those bonuses on the character. The bonuses make the major difference.

The down side on some of the special weapons is that there is a speed penalty. This makes me think twice about picking them up. The Dhagan Defender has a 35% speed penalty which is hard to ignore.

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Yeah, it's not a very good weapon by my estimation. Even without the speed penalty, I'm not sure if I'd use it much: the damage bonus is barely higher than something like the Ice Bow, and it requires 3 levels in both combat and magic trees compared to 2 for the ice bow. Vulnerability is nice in theory, but it comes at a point in the game where most enemies are rocking a huge amount of curse resist.

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Not sure this is a good place to ask, but I have a rookie question re: some possibly vague tooltip text: the text for the "Blessing" effect granted by e.g. Haven's Might states "All of your abilities get a bonus to damage." Does this include standard physical/magical weapon attacks, or only actual unique "abilities" (Brutal Blow, Shock, etc.) as implied? I hope/assume the former is the case and standard attacks also benefit from the blessing, but the wording is ambiguous. Cheers!

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One more sorta tangential question - what exactly does the "Damage to Kranas/Dhaga/Litha" effect given by the Conqueror's Venom necklace and some runes do? Does it a) add +5 physical and magical damage whenever fighting any enemies in those respective provinces, b) apply that bonus anywhere in the game but only when fighting human enemies from those provinces, or c) something else, and if so, what?

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The only real way to to be sure is repeat the fight with and without the item/runes and record th result for the same attack about a hundred times.  Then look at average damage and variance to see if there is a difference.


I did that once in Avadon and never waned to do it again.

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