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Can the ASWD keys be remapped?


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I just started playing Queen's Wish 2 after finally finishing the first Queen's Wish game.  In the first 3 battles during the intro, I tried to use abilities by pressing the "a" key.  Unfortunately, the a key is mapped to movement, which in all cases was a poor choice of action.


Is there any way to remap the ASWD keys?  I tried to look in the keyboard shortcuts menu, but didn't find a way.



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The arrow keys and WASD are now tied together and scrolling via arrows removed. Not sure why on the latter but yeah.


Jeff replying to a Steam post:


Because the system reads movement keys differently, I felt the need to lock the w-a-s-d keys to avoid a bunch of extra programming. However, we'll look into other ways to approach this for future titles. 


Edit: Thread link for full context: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1947750/discussions/0/4839692156561820855/

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