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Queens wish 2 - placing shops.


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IIRC you need to see Miranda to get supplies to build your smithy & apothecary, go back outside & buy/build the area for the shop/stall (that little stone post in front of an area of rubble - as an aside, when I built shops in the forts, I built a stall for those merchants that I interact with frequently (smithy, potions, carpenter, etc) and put those that I'll never talk to again in buildings (miller, distiller, barracks, etc).  It will save a couple of seconds of 'going through a door' time & you will immediately know who you should interact with when going back to the fort).  Once the area is prepped then you click on the place buildings icon down in the lower left (assuming that you have already purchased them with the other icon down there).  Like Randomizer said, you then get a square box that turns green when it's in a position to build that shop.  Click the area when it's green & it should be built.


After building the first two, go back to Miranda & tell her that you did so.  She should then give you more supplies & you can then go buy/build all the remaining types of stores/upgrades.

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