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Isabella the Witch and her Fate


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In my replay I've reached the oasis and I have to decide what to do about Isabella. Does this choice have an impact on the ending?



The game's dialogue if you let her go implies that it was an unwise decision. But, if she gentles up during her exile, which I find unlikely given that she was willing to terrify the women she was living with, she could end up doing a lot of good for both the women of her nation and the nation as a whole with her powers.  Likewise, the game says that your efforts to help women run into some barriers. Does she help overcome them or does she cause chaos if she is let go?


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She is not mentioned in the ending or anywhere else further in the game, but this decision affects your stance in Low Draga regarding traditions and if you wanna change it or not. I think if you decided to change this long-standing status of women in the province and you have a large favor of queen, some work in this direction may be done.
P.S. Really enjoyed this game, much more than the Conqueror. In contrast to the first game I really had a very difficult time making choices here. There are just no "good" or "bad" decisions. I could play such games for all eternity.

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