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QW 2 Controls Question


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3 hours ago, Ircher said:

In previous games, you could change your controls so that the arrow keys scroll the map, but I didn't see that option for Queen's Wish 2: The Tormentor. Did that option get removed for some reason, or is it located in a different place? For reference, I am playing the Steam version.

This is what Jeff said on Steam in regards to that:


"Because the system reads movement keys differently, I felt the need to lock the w-a-s-d keys to avoid a bunch of extra programming. However, we'll look into other ways to approach this for future titles. We're a one-programmer shop, so there's a limit on what we can do, but this seems like enough of an issue to be looking into.
In previous games, we didn't have w-a-s-d for movement, and we got LOTS of complaints. So it will stay that way, but we'll look into ways to expand the system. Thanks for the feedback!"

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