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QW2-Gem Puzzles


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I played through the beta, and I was utterly stumped by the Gem Puzzles. I got through the first with a random guess, and I got through the one with a solution written in a book. I have not figured out the intention or goal behind any of the others. Is each puzzle distinct, or is there a common thread through them? Guidance is appreciated!

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You can only move horizontally or vertically for the path once you click on a starting point (usually a gem).


The diamond tiles are wild cards that allow you to cross paths.


Most of the puzzles require you to make a continuous path between identical gems. This range from the simplest puzzle with a straight line between the two gems to ones with 4 pairs of gems.


Two are blank grids with the clues found earlier in the game on the starting point and instructions for the other tiles that need to be clicked on to solve the puzzle


The one in the Dream Refuge required picking the right tile for the starting point to make the others work. (I only got this after seeing the answer in the hint book.)

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