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Started A4 and am wondering what else the dev has 'ahem improved' in this series

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Different character creation system, absence of 'camp' or even sleeping in your own beds, no light spells or candles, fight in the goblin realm under the Fort Monastery, then have to walk all the way to the city gates to heal/restore....   From reading more posts I can look forward to a 4000HP boss fight and endless hordes? Anything else unusual?

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Continuous world map when you get to the Eastern Gallery means you can go between cities in combat mode without losing your buffs. :)


Some changes were nice, but others like the absence of lighting items meant looking for black bodies on dark tile floors in the darken caverns. Ypu'll understand when you go farther east.


No boats was another big change.


This was the only Avernum game where you wanted Tool Use on the mage character because it combined with Unlock Doors spell, Magery, and Spellcraft.

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