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Specialize in creation type.


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So I have found myself distributing my experience points across all shaping skills in order to make every creature that you can. It is better to stick with one shaping skill, and dump points into it for fewer high level creatures of one skill type, or distribute them?

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Generally it is better to specialize because it makes those creations much higher in level and therefore power. Depending on the game one class might be better than the others. In this one Fire and Magic classes are better because they have range attacks that make up for Battle class going more damage. Magic class has creations that can do poison and acid damage in later rounds. Acid damage is proportional to the foe's maximum health, so it gets to be a lot in the endgame.

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@Morpheusit is a dilemma. I went with sub-optimization putting many points in Fire, and a few in Magic and Battle. 

It is not optimally optimal BUT as a Shaper, for me those points were cheap-ish. Also, unlike earlier games, the control you have on your creations is based on the TOTAL you have on shaping skills! 


Considering that I use many creations, it helps a lot to have a few points in the other two trees. Regardless because I liked to have a "full party" that included a Vlish for blessings etc I spread the points a bit more. 


To be honest, it is not about optimization for me, but about fun. 

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I''ve tried all of those classes and it depends on your build. Also you should focus on one type only to get max levels for that creation branch type.

Fire is nice because all creations are ranged and can dish very well damage. Also 2 of 3 types have innate haste option which is nice. But they do not have acid at all.
Battle is nice 'cause of high HP and armor, but lack distance attacks. Leaps compensate for that.
Magic creatures are mostly weak in terms of HP but here we have artilla with innate haste option and acid, vlish with their blessings/curses and Glaarks who can stun and their senior option: Ur-glaahks can even dominate enemies which is game breaker.

Fire scales mostly with intelligence and agility, I guess. Battle with strength. Magic with intelligence and agility, glaahks with strength and intelligence. So it depends on your belt or other equipment too.

I want to ask a question without poll: what is your favorite creation branch for each class (or builds) and why? Any strats?

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