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Queen's Wish: The torment


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A few changes I'm noticing in the demo:


mills/bakeries/distilleries give discounts now rather than ongoing revenue, probably so there's less of an imperative to front load building them.


The player character gets the opportunity to learn other cultural skills besides those of Haven


most of the skills seem broadly similar but there may be some balance tweaks, not 100% sure



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Your previous choices change some dialogue with Sutter and a bit with Miranda. It's easier not to make major changes in how most of the games acts.


It might be more significant in the last game where the throne is decided between you and Sutter.


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The dialogue bits are in the Steam released demo in the first two zones. You do need to play through a few times to see the differences and use an endgame code from the first game.


The other is from th first game where you do have a choice about what you want to do about the throne.

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Ahh... sad to hear that.  I'm still enjoying the demo and am confident I'll enjoy the final game but it seems like a missed opportunity to not have a bit more continuity. 


Not even talking about major branching storylines because obviously that gets too complex for even big studios.  But little stuff (gear, bonuses, maybe minor npcs) that connects you to your time in Sacramentum and the factions you supported there.  Oh well.

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