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Avernum 3- Did I miss something? (Spoilers for the final boss)

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Hi there. I've played my way through the whole Avernum trilogy, and thoroughly enjoyed them, but the end of Avernum 3 seemed rather anticlimactic, and the final boss very easy. I'm wondering if maybe I missed something?


With the first two games, defeating the bosses required many, many attempts and quaffing multiple potions and casting multiple buffs before starting, and even then barely scraping through. The final boss for A3, it was very easy to cast Blink to get my wizard over to the control panel and activate it, and the whole fight only last two or three turns.


Also, I spared the Crystal Souls when I came to fight them, but it wasn't clear what effect that had on the outcome of the game. Would the friendly Vahnatai (whose name escapes me) not have helped me if I had destroyed the Crystal Souls?

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There were several things that you did to make the final fight easier. If you hadn't this can be a long drawn out fight. Getting to the control panel is the hardest part.


Not sparing the Crystal Souls meant not getting help.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Some people want it back after a few games. :)

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Ah, Ok. I did everything 'right' then? It still seemed very easy to get to the controls just using Blink though, rather than fighting my way through.


Also, is it possible to actually kill the big bad, so you don't get the "I'll be back! Bwah ha ha ha!" Message during the finale?


I have the first Avadon game to get stuck into next, and Queen's Wish (and kickstarted Queen's Wish 2, so I have that to look forward to!)

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Iirc it was even easier in the early beta testing (such as my front line fighters (with speed burst/adrenaline rush)could get to the panel within 1-2 turns).  Jeff/SW added some more bodies to run interference.  Even with them, I can still get there in 2-4 turns  But yes, when you set up everything 'right', it is a fairly easy fight & can seem anticlimactic.  As far as actually killing R-I, I don't think so.  Her actions are an important plot point off in the future


Enjoy the new to you games.  Avadon's an interesting place/games.  Some people love the trilogy, some hate them.  But as with all SW games there's lots of reading/setting the scene in your imagination & a unique world to explore/interact with.  Have fun


(up in the Strategy Central part of the Avadon sub forum, for Avadon #1 there is a link to a way to change the graphics of the game slightly (make sure to have a backup before messing with the game files...).  They makes lockpicks & secret door switches more visible (the switches are essentially invisible without it).  Not needed for a successful playthrough, but it will ease the frustration & eye strain levels a bit)

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