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AV2 and Empire Caches

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The caches that I remember are: The one west of Fort Draco that you find in the beginning that you can't open, one west of Fort Dranlon across the river and then north at the lake, and there are two north of Fort Dranlon on the east side of the river. Most of the caches are hidden so you have to find secret passages to access them. I never can remember where the last one is but check your map for areas that you can't get to and search around them.

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Found it (gave to magician Far Sight 3 (just temporarily)), it is south from that place where you see Giants and 2nd landing place north after Peninsula sign. I spent nice amount of time clicking all west walls like guide says next to Draco and it is near abandoned mine like guide(s) says BUT east wall not west wall.

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