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Well ... during the assorted recent kickstarters, there was the opportunity to fund things to the level where there 'is' an Android version ... however it usually was about another $50k than the highest level reached.  Remaking Geneforge 2 will be the next game after Queens Wish 2 which is coming out later this year.  If you want to throw buckets of money at Spiderweb/Jeff you'll have a chance probably in the fall/winter (you can also probably design a monster or three for that kind of cash...).


Other than that though, Jeff's made the pragmatic business decision that it's just not worth the effort to learn how to port to Android & more importantly to support it off into the future for the relatively few copies he'd sell.  I'd like it too, but as I'm also lacking the bucketfulls of money ... it is what it is.



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Hi Twalls,


Two requests as a moderator:


1. Please don't resurrect 5 year old threads unless you have something new to say.

2. Please don't post EVERYTHING in capital letters.


Thanks.  Just trying to keep the boards easy to use for everyone.

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