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Avernum 2: How to Get Pylon Access?

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I need some help with getting the Pylons to start working in Avernum 2 remade.


1. I have visited and touched many of the Pylons, gaining their phrases.

2. I've gained Mage Clearance-is this sufficient, or do I need Castle Clearance? 

3. I've tried using the outdoors Pylon near the Mages Tower, no response. 

4. I've tried using the Pylon inside the Castle on the left/west side, it gave a phrase, nothing else. 

5. Portal to Van. Lands works to send me there and back, no change. 


What do I do to get the Pylons to allow me to teleport? Do I need higher access? Speak to someone specific (who)? Special quest? 


I don't mind spoilers, been going in circles between Castle and Tower for a while. I tried searching the forums but could not find the answer. 


Many thanks :)

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You need to do for Vidrain  his quest, Master the Portal, which needs only Mage Clearance and dealing with some pesky demons that guard it.  He is  next to the portal area.


Once you did the quest you can go from the main portal to any pylon that you have touched to get its password.

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