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View enemy resistances on ipad


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Hello Sircedric,


Sorry to see that you haven’t had a reply!


I thought I’d wait a few days just in case someone more knowledgable than I came in to answer your question. Unfortunately, iPad players are a little sparse on these forums, so I suspect you may not get the answer you need on here.


I suggest you write directly to Spiderweb's technical support address. Spiderweb are a really nice bunch, and they should be able to help you with your query. And your question will help them by return: knowing that you haven’t found the resistance check intuitive on the iPad (or that you’re missing it if it’s not there!) will help Spiderweb with their next iPad release!


You can get in touch with Spiderweb’s technical support at this email address:




Just say something along the lines of your first post. That should be clear enough!

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