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Avernum 2: The ten don't even have a library

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After rescuing the crystal soul without fighting anyone but the lich Midori I went back, figuring I'd find some mage spells, since these were supposed to be such powerful mages. But there weren't any, although I did find some wine to sell to the Fort Dranlon quartermaster, which explains what the Ten do instead of studying. Maybe they wouldn't have to rip knowledge out of mage's heads if they would just read a book. Or maybe they do that so other people have to read books for them.

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It's been a while since I've prowled around down there (over there?), but wasn't there a room off to the right with Jeff's more or less typical 'library' layout (alcoves with what looks like shelving)?  Maybe the books are there but are under enchantment to be invisible to anyone but the ten.  Probably filled with really high level spells that you can't access (or some really weird porn that they're ashamed of but can't/don't want to get rid of)


Not mind you, that I'm against sitting around drinking wine (or bourbon) all day.  However if doing so I do prefer to have a book in hand too.

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On 2/12/2022 at 7:54 AM, Edgwyn said:

They are really just a bunch of bureaucrats so the best that you will find are empire records and papers for Fort Remote

The mixing of bureaucracy and dark magic is something I've never seen anywhere but these games.


I guess it reaches a peak when you meet the Eternal Archivist in Garzahd's fortress. Some powerful undead wizard, with a book on summoning demons, and stacks of boring logistics details that you bring back to the Castle.


But in general, that the Empire is both obsessed with recordkeeping, uniformity, and "legibility", as well as having the upper ranks filled with undead and the part-demon Garzahd... it's a pretty unique depiction of evil.

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