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Queen's Wish is available on Apple computers, phones and tabs but not on Linux and Android?

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  • ladyonthemoon changed the title to Queen's Wish is available on Apple computers, phones and tabs but not on Linux and Android?
Hello ladyonthemoon,
as far as I know, only Avadon the black fortress has been ported to Linux and maybe Android (and I'm not sure if the sales were successful on these platforms).

On the Linux side, without using a virtual machine, it should also be possible to compile an open source version of Blades of Exile with some work.
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Correct.  Iirc it was a stretch goal for the Go Fund Me to also have an Android port but that level wasn't reached.


Also iirc, Jeff does all his primary programming on Apple products so adding in iphones or similar shouldn't be 'that' difficult for him to make & more importantly support.  Likewise, creating a Windows version of the assorted games is just a good business decision.  As a percent of total sales though, both Linux & Android probably would be in the low single digits, it's just not worth his time/effort (Android is obviously a major platform, but I doubt there are that many people who would exclusively play on their small phone's screen rather than just asking for a copy after paying for a PC version). 


So, unless you or someone else who really wants it wins the lottery & throws bucketfulls of money at Jeff, it probably won't happen.  Sorry.

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Exile 3 had a Linux version.


Jeff got a third party company to make Android port for him and they didn't continue it for another game. It was much harder because thy had to make different graphic packages for the different screen sizes and more testing for different manufactures. Jeff doesn't want to learn how to program to make other versions.

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