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A power gaming guide depends on class and difficulty level because those affect the order that you go through zones. Then when yo add in joining actions because some benefit different classes.


I made notes for Jeff on how to run a pacifist through the game to see how many zones were possible and what order to do them in to maximize  clearing them. The hardest place was the zones around Pentil.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Your results may vary with power gaming. :)

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Just for note, I had also tried to run a pacifist game with many cryoas with frost area passive abilities. In normal mode, if I remember correctly, I was able to clear all the zones and all the quests. In veteran mode, I just reload my last save, I was also able to clear all zones but I had not finish the last quest of the Cockatrice Research :-~ Of course, the walkthrough was very different from a classic walkthrough.



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