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A5 Updated Character Graphics


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I haven't read too much into the different versions of Avernum 5 so I was hoping someone had some knowledge in this area. I am not sure if this is a game that was remastered, but I noticed that the character graphics in my HUD seem different than the character graphics that I've seen in various youtube videos of people playing the game. The graphics in my game are fairly cartoon-like, whereas the character graphics I'm seeing online of others playing seem slightly more realistic. 


Does anyone know if this was just users customising the graphics, or were they updated at some point in a later release of the game? I only ordered and bought the game a few months ago, but not via Steam, so I'm not sure if there have been any official updates? Also, if there are updated versions, were there any other changes other than these character graphics?


Apparently I am running V1.0.1



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I think I'm right in my assumption. Since you said that you didn't download the game from Steam, you have the older graphics. Every screenshot on Google Images which has the newer graphics are from the Steam version of the game.


So, if you really want the new graphics (and don't want to buy the game again), what you can do is probably ask someone around here who has the Steam version bought and ask them to send you the newer graphics and replace all of them manually on your copy.


As a personal take, I feel like the graphics in Avernums 4 to 6 have this unfinished transition look to them where half of the graphics have been remade to look better, but the other half has their pixel art-esque nature retained from 1 to 3, thus making them look very out of place.

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