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Avernum 3 Game Skin for Blades of Avernum


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Avernum 3 Game Skin - For Blades of Avernum


What's the big deal here?

I got sick and tired of looking at the white marble skin for Blades of Avernum ever since back in 2008 when I first played it. It was mostly okay before, but now it has begun to feel somewhat lifeless, cold, bleak and drab... sucks out all the energy and enthusiasm out of me when trying to play or test new scenarios. Therefore, I've come up with a solution. I have made a replacement for the game's default User Interface which uses a modified version of the Avernum 3 User Interface, which I thought I would share with others for free.


Screenshots (Big images. Beware.)












As you can see, it makes a very big change in how the game looks. Avernum 3's warm and wholesome wooden interface has been a favourite of mine for a very, very long time. But since Blades of Avernum is the only one out of the bundle I end up playing the most, it has a pleasing effect on my eyes, and is a welcome change-up in my opinion. Even you might end up liking it.


Apply pressure on this Download button to acquire the wooden glory for yourself!

(Make sure to read the instruction text file included.)


VirusTotal File Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/3b6b9138ddae32f6fd8a13c69ec7e36e06d3e9bbe215318a57a67ed7e556669c?nocache=1
Jotti Malware Scan: https://virusscan.jotti.org/en-US/filescanjob/sdg0jgzp9f


NOTE: The only place where the User Interface isn't completely replaced is in the Scenario Introduction pages that show up when you start a scenario for the first time. The white marble background seems to be a part of G4900 in Editor Graphics and something as a small as a 1x1 dot placed on the picture has the game end up refusing to load it for some reason.


Edit (Nov 10 2021): Updated .zip file with some fixes and added two virus scans.

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I'm thinking of doing the same for perhaps all the games that run on the Avernum engine down the line, though I'm not sure which one to port next. I'm not very nostalgically attached to the other user interfaces as much as I was with Avernum 3... Perhaps I could make my own skin from the ground up? (I did want to make like a black marble skin where it's essentially serving as a 'Dark Mode' for the game's screen, but the problem there would be the fact the text too is black, and there is currently no way of editing that)


Glad you enjoyed this one though!

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I notice, other than a complete black, there is also a text colour that employs a dark brown shade as seen in the character editor and other places. So it is obvious that there are more than one hex value to be changed. I am hoping I might able to discover perhaps a control variable which when changed, recolours all the text using the same colours -- so there'd be one hex value for the black, one for the brown, red, grey and so on.


Black looks to be #000000

Red is #FF0000

Gray is #AAAAAA

Brown is #400F0F

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