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Avernum 4: Mage Spell Needed For Unlock Door?


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Perhaps this is located in an obvious place, and I somehow missed it, but what level in Mage Spells is needed in Avernum 4 to cast the spell "Unlock Doors"? I would like to know whether it is worth investing a decent amount of skill points for the spell (since my mage and my thief are two different characters).

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In this game and only this one you want the thief and mage in the same character.


From this topic *scroll down quite away) -  Skills


After extensive testing:


Spellcraft = Magery (Each equally affect the strength of Mage Spells)

Mage Spells = Spellcraft = Magery (Each is equivalent for boosting the strength of Mage Spells)

Tool Use point value = 1.5 x Spellcraft or Magery point value




Mage Spells 17/Tool Use 15(x 1.5) = 23/Spellcraft 4/Magery 4 = 48 Total

Mage Spells 17/Tool Use 15(x 1.5) = 23/Spellcraft 8 = 48 Total


These last two combinations represent the minimum Mage/Thief necesary to beat all traps and open all doors in the game. (Tool Use of 15 is required and 17 Mage Spell levels are needed to cast all spells.)


The most efficient way to boost spells is to add whichever is cheapest and avaiable at the moment: more Mage Spells, Spellcraft, or Magery.



Follow up:

Based on Synergy's research plus some of my own with Unlock Doors=2, it appears that you can unlock any door whose level is less than or equal to


Tool Use + 0.75(Mage Spells + Spellcraft + Magery) + 0.25(Unlock Doors - 2)


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While I appreciate the detailed response, this was not quite what I was asking. I meant, what level of mage spell skill do I need to be able to cast the spell. For instance, the spell "Firebolt" only requires a skill of 1 while I think the spell "Icy Rain" requires a skill of 5. What is the skill needed for "Unlock Doors"?

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