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A4: Final Thoughts


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So many months later I have finally had time to defeat the final boss in Avernum 4. I have to say that if you are patient, the final dungeon is easy enough (even with my Tool Skill maxed out at like level 5 or 6). My Vahnatai friends, whom I recruited to assist my in my final foray, I found to be fairly useless as they just got distracted and stayed behind, not helping me with any difficult fighting as I made my way through the level. The actual final battle, with hastes, blessings, invulnerability potions, summons and high defensive skills seemed to me to be relatively easy to survive (in fact my magic users were entirely unscathed).


I am just sad that I couldn't leave after vanquishing the final foe, as I'm not sure if I completed every small quest I could (in fact, I definitely did not complete the cauldron dust quest as I did it in the wrong order) and I wanted to increase my tool skill to turn off some more of those machines. 


All this said, I feel like my characters were only really sufficiently strong by the very end of the game. Prior to getting into the Abyss I pretty much had to save after every hostile interaction. And this was on normal mode. On to Avernum 5 I guess, I am interested in a slightly different plot line (as this seemed very analogous to Exile 3 / Avernum 3).


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