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Exile 2: questions of some odd items

Frozen Feet

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Hey. After a very long break of playing this game, I find myself puzzled by some of the rarer items I occasionally find. I tried to search through some walkthroughs but did not find an explanation or purpose for these. I suspect they are quest items, but I have not found the relevant quests:


  • Gremlin amulet (may just be a fancy cursed item - does it do anything?)
  • Bars of Mithral and Chunk of Mithral (found in Vahnatai Lands and Fort Kothar - is there a smith accepting these?)
  • Various mushrooms wines with ability "good wine" (bought from Almaria, stolen from Patsy's home)
  • Geodes (found along a river coast)
  • Rare books (pillaged from Empire safehouse in Almaria)
  • Fine Rum (pillaged from Empire agents in Vahnatai Fortress)
  • Drake Egg (found in the fire lizard cave, amidst fire lizard eggs)
  • Flame egg (pillaged from Tower of Elderan, I think, casts quickfire. Supposedly a barrier somewhere needs quickfire to take down, have not encountered any such barrier yet.)


Somewhat related, I've been reading a Let's Play as I've passed through game areas to see how another player has reacted to same area. Said Let's Play found a Nethersword below Fort Kothar, along with bars of uranium in the Efreet forge. However, I found mithral bars and a magic greatsword in the same location. Is this a version difference?

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Hello Frozen Feet,


I understand why you’re puzzled! Many of these items made me wonder when I came across them too.


So far as I’m aware, none of the items you’ve listed here have any particular use. Some of them might have placed as red-herrings, designed to obscure items the party are *really* looking for. It might sound odd, but I suspect the Drake Egg falls into this category. Careless adventurers may take that egg instead, seeing that it’s special, only to find that it’s not what the quest-giver is looking for. Others may have been placed simply as nice little unique touches, ones designed to flesh out the game world. There are quite a few little details like that in the Exile series!


The only real value of these items are their uniqueness, and in some cases their cash value. So feel free to try and sell them! Some items, such as the Fine Rum, can fetch a pretty good price.


That being said, I don’t recall experimenting with the Gremlin Amulet. Where did you find it? Just because an item is cursed doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t have positive benefits too. I’d be interested to have a look, but I can’t remember where it’s hidden, and I don't seem to have a save where I've kept hold of it!


As for the Let’s Play, I suspect they might not have been entirely accurate in describing where they found those particular items. So far as I’m aware, items rarely get moved around between different Exile versions. I went and checked, and there is indeed a sword like that in Kothar, even in the very early versions of the game – but it’s not in the forge. Rather, it’s located in the Chamber of Swords. That’s a little hidden area that contains *two* swords. One of those is a Magic Greatsword, and the other is the ‘Nether Greatsword’, which I think you’re looking for.


If you haven’t yet found the Chamber of Swords, and are having trouble finding it, you can learn its location here:



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Ah yes, I was in the Chamber of Swords but I only grabbed one sword. If there were two, that'd explain one disperancy.


The Gremlin amumet is something of a mystery to me. It just popped into my pack early in Chapter 4. I think I got it from an outdoors special encounter in the Eastern Gallery area, but I'm not sure. It's a magic necklace with value of 500 and ability "cursed".


Also found another puzzling item - dead bug, from the Vahnatai lands, the diseased caves.

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It took me a moment, but I managed to find where the Gremlin Amulet is hidden! You’re quite right that a player can encounter it early in Chapter 4. The party receives it in a hidden encounter, one found behind a couple of secret passages in the northeastern corner of the Honeycomb. I’ll have a play around with it and see if it does anything!


One thing I noticed is its value: it’s worth a fair amount. Since it’s a cursed item, you can’t sell it immediately. But if you have the ‘Remove Curse’ spell, you can permanently get rid of curse. Once the curse is removed, the Gremlin Amulet can be sold for a quite reasonable sum!

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