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Is there a way to change Queen Sharyn ending?

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***   Spoiler   ***






I just wanted to ask if there was a way or some decision I can make in the game, or approach, (like having a spoiled character?) that would make it so the Queen does not get ill at the end of the story?


I played the straight through, live up to the family creed, listen to mother and not be so spoiled and bratty and learn to grow up character my first play through and got back to Haven and ran into the Queen being sick. Which broke my heart. I was hoping there was something I could do, that would change that. Like the queen made a mistake and my supporting the kingdom left that mistake instact (and perhaps her illness is her payment for that behaviour?) So I thought, what if I'm the brat the second time around, I don't support the family, I don't rebuild the forts,  and I cut some deal with the the Nisse in the underground. Maybe if Sacramentum becomes free, then I am reversing the payment (or curse?) for the Queen enslaving the entire continent?

Maybe I go home and Mother is furious with me but perfectly healthy?

I could live with that, especially after the first ending.

Sort of a time travel and fix things the second time through sort of thing? :)

Just hoping for some help here.

And just in case there isn't a way? (shoot!)

Well, maybe Jeff could sort of back port a change? Or change it in QW2 so the queen gets better?

I am less concerned with my character being ruler and more concerned about making some decisions that for me as a human being would be worth making.

Thanks for listening and for the help.






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With the information we are given about Queen's Wish 2, Queen Sharyn's illness is a main point. We aren't sure what actions you take in the first game are significant. It seems to be implied that her illness was related to her own actions years earlier with the Nisse.


Welcome to spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. it is totally useless. :)

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Well... there is always hope then that Jeff will let us do something to change some of those things. Or that I will simply have to hypnotize myself and tell myself it was changed when it wasn't.

Oh my! That sounds a bit severe. But probably a lot like your 'Leave our sanity at the door' premise.

Thanks for the response back though,

Take care,




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