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Enemy count and XP data?


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Any way to find this within the game's readable source files? Trying to figure out optimal clearing order for the highest endgame level (without abusing infinite spawns). I also vaguely recall that some enemies give a different amount of XP than what is indicated by their level.

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from Mechalibur:


I actually took notes on how much xp you get from monsters based on the level difference. Didn't think they'd be useful, but glad I did now:


0 - 20xp
-1 - 14xp
-2 - 10xp
-3 - 4xp
-4 - 2xp
-5 - 1xp
-6 - 0xp
+1 - 22xp
+2 - 24xp
+3 - 26xp
+4 - 28xp
+5 - 30xp


The penalty for being a higher level is much harsher than the bonus for being a lower level, so for pure xp optimization, it's probably best to keep killing these around your level and avoid enemies that are too high of a level.


I believe locks and quest rewards use a similar system/scaling.


from my playing

Eventually the Inner Crypt is the last place with monster experience. Holding off reading books and using the first creation type canister for the 25 XP each helps too since those are not affected by your level. Basically you can reach level 20

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