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Guardian with Feisty Slap Gloves

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So, I am giving up on a Guardian run on Torment with the Feisty Slap gloves. The previous run was an Agent who basically became a demi-goddess by the time she reached the Geneforge. The Guardian is getting killed in the Sealed Labs and Ice Walls because he can't handle crowds worth a darn.


By the time I get his strength to the point (7) that the gloves, with two charges, are effective, he has given up so many points in other attributes that he is depending on Spray Batons for crowd control. They aren't doing the job.


So, either the Guardian needs more magic or I need to turn down the difficulty. Basically the Gloves don't seem to be giving much of an advantage to my poor guy. Oh well...

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I tried both the Daze spell and the batons, of which there are many. The problem is that large crowds of tough enemies aren't dazed for long enough for my guy to actually kill people when new enemies are rushing in. He can daze them, but he runs out of energy before he can kill them. This is particularly true in the Ice Walls where the spawners are creating new enemies every round.

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It's a damn difficult area. I haven't beaten Mutagen (because lack of free time) but I recall the strategy I used in the original Geneforge. Kill one of the spawners as fast as possible if able and run towards to exit to reset the area. Each time through will be a little bit easier because there will be (hopefully) one less spawner.

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