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I was playing through Geneforge 1 recently, and when I got the Guardian Claymore at the very end of the game, it made me wonder should there be a petition for the remakes to include a new game +, where the player can replay the game with their powerful equipment, though possibly with strengthened enemies.  It is irksome when you get the powerful end game equipment after there is little left to use it on.  It creates what I call Useless Ultimate Weapon syndrome.  Omnicharm is a big offender on this too

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I don't know about New Game + modes in particular, but I've always liked collecting interesting items and equipment in RPGs and I also am bugged by some of the really interesting equipment and abilities in some games only being usable for about five minutes. I think I'd rather have in an RPG, a final dungeon where most of what you get is consumables, and equipment which is powerful but not as powerful as any "ultimate equipment" which is obtained elsewhere in optional side quests. Like, it's a reward for doing something difficult or clever, not just for generally progressing in the game.

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One of the ways I've seen this addressed (Grim Dawn springs to mind as the most recent one I've played like that) is everyone 'must' start off on the 'normal' level.  After you finish the game then the next level up the difficulty ladder unlocks (veteran).  After you finish 'that' level, you then get the toughest (torment) level unlocked.  Each time you start over, you keep your equipment (and head out into the wilds to find advanced/enhanced versions of the same equipment - scaled to the new monster levels) and replay the same story (monsters scaled up as well).  It works after a fashion, but I find I tend to get bored about .5-.66 of the way through the middle level.  If all that's going on is the monsters have more hit points to make them more 'difficult'/you get easier to hit-take damage, it gets tedious.


From a programming standpoint, I doubt that it would be 'that' difficult to implement such a locking level system, but I also can't see Jeff/SW implementing it.  Too much of his market is used to/come to expect being able to pick your difficulty level from the start.  Change makes people grumpy & when you're a tiny, tiny company, pissing off even 3% of your base might be enough to seriously jeopardize your future.


Alhoon probably has the best suggestion for how to address this as a modified version of my scenario.  Go through the game once, start it again on a harder level, & edit in the gear you want to go play around with.  Not exactly what you're looking for, but probably the closest you're going to get (at least in the SW universe)

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