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Homeland : The Stone of Night Full Soundtrack

The Lurker

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Hello everyone!


I'm currently preparing a long overdue playthrough of Homeland : The Stone of Night, but in the meantime, I figured it's about time I shared the soundtrack with you.

The Homeland soundtrack is actually within the game executable in MDS (MidiStream) format. This is an old Microsoft format that was, I believe, made specifically for games. I extracted the files from Homeland.exe using XN Resource Editor, and converted them back to standard MIDI files using a program I wrote. I then converted them to WAV files using OBS Studio and ffmpeg.

Be advised, the MIDI files were only ever meant to be played with the Windows APIs or Windows Media Player with the infamous GM.DLS soundfont and using any other method may cause them to sound odd. So, if you're using a Mac and want the best experience, just listen to the WAV files instead.

The Homeland soundtrack was mostly composed by Larry Mc Cormick, however there is also one song by Steven J. Morris and one song by Justin S. Ohlander. Also, the soundtrack has several "unidentified" songs that I believe may have been created by either Michael F. Morris or George E. Nowik, or possibly both (a screenshot from a VERY old alpha version of Homeland says that those two wrote songs for Homeland).


Download Link : https://www.mediafire.com/file/m2hi05sq38r3knm/HomelandFullSoundtrack.zip/file


Enjoy! You can also find a copy of the tracklist inside the archive within the "COMMENTS.txt" file.


File name : 204
Editor name : "Wizards of Light"
True name : "Wizards of Light"

By Steven J. Morris, this is a somewhat sad song. It plays when you are in the Thirsty Throat in Harbordale.

Quote from the game : "This Harper sits and unobtrusively plays his music to the bar. The skill with which he plays does not reconcile itself to the dilapidated condition of the bar." - Narrator describing Savryn Mistbridge (from Chapter 2 : The Tests of Magic)

File name : 331
Editor name : "Homeland Intro"
True name : "Opening Theme"

By Justin S. Ohlander, this is the title screen theme.

Quote from the game : "You see writing being cast with some kind of magical light onto a square piece of glass at the front of a box. You are surprised that you can read this writing... perhaps because it is magical you can comprehend it. It shows a picture of a Dothraki fighting a red demon-like woman and prints the text, "Homeland", then below, "The Stone of Night".  Curious, you quickly poke at the numerous buttons below the magic device. The screen changes to text saying "Lock Error 4" and starts crying out incessantly!" - Narrator describing the Earthling Dragon's computer (from the Chapter 5 : Isle of the Winds easter egg)

File name : 356
Editor name : "Steel"
True name : Unknown (possibly just "Steel"?)

This is the first of the "unidentified" songs. This one is actually used in-game and it's the theme for the forest that's south of WhiteWater.

Quote from the game : "It cannot be described in words. You have to feel the leaves around you. Go and find out. It's not dangerous, despite what people claim." - Fyela describing life in the forest (from Chapter 1 : WhiteWater)

File name : 357
Editor name : "Temple"
True name : Unknown (possibly just "Temple"?)

This is the second of the "unidentified" songs. This one is actually used in-game and it's the theme for the Changelings' dungeon (in the Gilgamesh forest).

Quote from the game : "This statue seems to show the body of a spider with the torso of a Changeling. It appears to be a painted stone, very brightly worked.  Inscribed beneath it are the words "Achtress, defined not by shape, bound not by form."" - Narrator (from Chapter 2 : The Tests of Magic)

File name : 358
Editor name : "Town"
True name : Unknown

This is the third of the "unidentified" songs. This one is actually used in-game and it's the song that plays when you are sailing. It also plays when you are close to (albeit outside) the Changelings' lair.

Quote from the game : "Lent you his ship?  He would sooner lend you his woman or his sword. Do you have a preference on how you would like to die?" - Ryling "welcoming" Korr's party to Buolkaloch (from Chapter 4 : Buolkaloch)

File name : 359
Editor name : "MajHills"
True name : Unknown (possibly "Majestic Hills"?)

This is the fourth of the "unidentified" songs. It is never used in-game. It's also by far the longest track in the entire soundtrack (it's almost 5 minutes long).

File name : 360
Editor name : "Calling"
True name : Unknown (possibly just "Calling"?)

This is the fifth of the "unidentified" songs. It is never used in-game.


File name : 371
Editor name : "Free"
True name : Unknown (possibly just "Free"?)

This... uh... song? is the sixth of the "unidentified" songs. It is never used in-game. It's the weirdest (and, in my opinion, worst) song in the soundtrack.

File name : 896
Editor name : "Town2 - LM"
True name : Probably "A Day in Town"

By Larry Mc Cormick. This cheerful song is the theme for WhiteWater.

Quote from the game : "Why, if it isn't the famous, heroic, fearless shepherd Korr! Oh wait, that was last week, before you got fired for falling asleep, wasn't it? I told you not to count those sheep all the time! I take it you haven't found a new job yet?" - Keegan (from Chapter 1 : WhiteWater)

File name : 897
Editor name : "Seige of the Undead - LM"
True name : "Siege of the Undead"

By Larry Mc Cormick. This sinister song is played when exploring Maglius's tomb, as well as when you are in the Phylund crypt below Harbordale and when you are inside the maze below Lauriston. In my opinion, this is one of the best songs in the game, and it fits Maglius really well.

Quote from the game : "I'm afraid I'm one of the few that managed to remain sane. You can understand that waiting for two hundred years is a long time. But it had to be done, and we all knew what we were going into when we started this, ages ago. The ghouls in here used to be my friends. Now, they are mindless zombies, preying upon anything they can catch. Except for Maglius, they've lost so much of their mind that they can no longer speak or understand words. And Maglius, too, is pretty far gone by now." - Child Prophet Dianna (from Chapter 1 : WhiteWater)

File name : 898
Editor name : "Library - LM"
True name : Possibly "Discovery"?

This is the song that plays when you are in the Child Prophets' library. It fits the Child Prophets rather well.

Quote from the game : "You wish to prove yourself? Very well. I will test your knowledge. If you're really the One you should have no problem. If you're not, well then, you're a dead man." - Braccus

File name : 968
Editor name : "Sewer - LM"
True name : Possibly "In the Muck"?

This song is the theme for the Sewers of Mandelin.

Quote from the game : "The manual override is a provision set up in case of emergency, and we are proud to say that it has never yet been used. The lever itself resides to the north and then the east of the control room. Two people are required in order to operate the override.  One must cross the bridge and flip the override,  causing the bridge to raise.  The other must not cross, and then flip the switch on the shore, which will again lower the bridge and allow the first person to return." - From a book inside the Sewers of Mandelin (from Chapter 1 : WhiteWater)

File name : 1104
Editor name : "Water - LM"
True name : "Magic Tests"

This track plays in the area where you undertake the magic tests in Lauriston.

Quote from the game : "This whistle is the key to our fate. It is a magical whistle, and when you blow it, I will hear. Find a path through the Catacombs.  When you find another exit, blow the whistle, and I will come. Then, we will finally be free of this pit of despair. We will finally run free in the winds once again." - Cas the Hound (from Chapter 2 : The Tests of Magic)

File name : 1205
Editor name : "Lauriston - LM"
True name : "Lauriston"

This song is the theme for Lauriston and it's one of my favorite songs in the game.

Quote from the game : "I freely admit that I sometimes question whether what we do is right... It is hard for me to condone killing children, whether they can use magic or not, but at least we are TRYING to better the world, make it a safe place with laws and justice. Keep in mind that I am Captain of Training, and that my questioning is probably what has kept me from having a field position. My views are not shared by all members of the Legions." - Teirwyn (from Chapter 2 : The Tests of Magic)

File name : 1206
Editor name : "Castle - LM"
True name : Unknown (possibly just "Castle"?)

An unused track by Larry McCormick. Perhaps it was originally meant to be the theme for the King's castle in Lauriston. This is by far my favorite unused song.

Quote from the game : "The Seat of the Realm is in Lauriston, as you see before you. In theory, my realm consist of the whole of Octavia... from Land Bridge to the north down to WhiteWater in the south.  From the Dragon's Spine mountains on the west to Lauriston and Harbordale in the east. In practice, there's a great big chunk of mess in the middle called Gilgamesh Forest.  To this day, it goes relatively unexplored except for the perimeter and a small path to the old Citadel of Light in the middle. It is still inhabited by dark creatures, too deadly to fight." - King Eirdoel Hafenwyd (from Chapter 2 : The Tests of Magic)

File name : 1214
Editor name : "Tower - LM"
True name : "The Tower"

This song is the theme for the abandoned fortress of light. It fits everything that happens while you're there perfectly, in my opinion.

Quote from the game: "Here it is!  What I warned of... Korik knows of it too... I have tried to convince him he needs to help me, but he is frightened. He has done what he can to help... his notes could prove invaluable in the future, but Korik has determined to leave soon. This grave danger is almost as maddening as the situation with the man in black back home. Why is it that I am inevitably drawn into crisis after crisis. On Caelestia or here, it matters not." - from Melcor's journal (from Chapter 3 : Citadel of Light)

File name : 1443
Editor name : "Volcano - LM"
True name : "The Volcano"

This song is the (epic!) theme for the Isle of the Dead.

Quote from the game : "Well, well, well... if it isn't the little lackey of the Soul Devourer. Come to bring him his precious little Stone." - The first Maskim (from Chapter 6 : Isle of the Dead)

File name : 1444
Editor name : "Winds - LM"
True name : Possibly "Desert Winds"?

This song is the theme for the Isle of the Winds (also known as the Isle of Dragons).

Quote from the game : "Man and Dragon have, historically, not been the best of friends. In fact, man was considered by Dragon to be the vermin of this planet, and Man considered killing Dragons to be a method of proving his worth. Several generations ago, my ancestors swore an Oath to the Dragons that we would insure their safe return to this planet, if they would venture off through the Void and try living a lifetime as a Man. This was the Dragon's idea, not Man's... Dragons have eternally been much more willing to give Man a chance than visa-versa." - Suess (from Chapter 5 : Isle of the Winds)

File name : 1445
Editor name : "Desert - LM"
True name : Unknown (possibly just "Desert")

This song plays when you are exploring the "less civilized" areas of Octavia.

Quote from the game : "There exists a subset of planes in the multiverse from which the inhabitants are typically known as 'Demons'. For the most part, the inhabitants of these planes have hence gotten a very bad name for themselves. Demons are typically categorized based upon two criteria. The first is that they are manufactured through magic. This does not mean that once created, they cannot procreate... some can and some cannot. But typically a Demon is created for some purpose. The second criteria is that they are typically known for evil deeds. Usually, this is their sole purpose upon creation. They are sent to kill someone or many someones, sometimes a whole world. From this they gain their bad reputation. Sometimes the lines are blurry... the IceBrothers and FireSisters are both Demons in the sense that they were created by magic, for purposes unknown any longer. While on this world, I have seen both races perpetrate evil deeds and commit acts of great good. Yet the FireSisters are more commonly considered Demons, and the IceBrothers are not. In truth, either both should be or neither. And then for another example, take me and my sisters. We were created to guard the DemonSlayer, a weapon forged by magic, in truth a Demon itself, created to slay other Demons. While it is true that I slay any who attempt to reach the DemonSlayer, I do not think I am inherently evil. I may, in fact, be helping the multiverse. For if the DemonSlayer fell into the wrong hands... all Hell could break loose." - The Guardiennes

File name : 1446
Editor name : "Buolkaloch - LM"
True name : "Lands of Frost"

This song plays when you are in Buolkaloch. I love it!

Quote from the game : "Most Ugs say 'Ug' because it is the only word they know. I, however, say 'Ug' for a number of reasons. One reason is that it serves as a bitter reminder that my superior intelligence sets me apart from my own kind. A second reason is that because I am different, most people treat me poorly. Convincing them that I am a menacing beast that says 'Ug' keeps most people a safe distance away. Those that get past the 'Ug' are
usually people worth knowing, like our good Cap'n Sar." - Ug Li (from Chapter 4 : Buolkaloch)

File name : 1529
Editor name : None
True name : Unknown (though I'm starting to wonder if this could be the mysterious song known as "The Void")

Yet another awesome song by Larry Mc Cormick, this is the theme for the Credits sequence.

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