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All right, here we go for the basic cheat :


"Slightly Overpowered" character : Character at Level 22, with most skills at or near 30. Mostly tested (I completed a good chunk of the game and saw the Trajkov ending without encountering any bugs). Torment Trajkov can still kill you after he uses the Geneforge, and some nasty mines will kill you as well if you aren't careful. https://www.mediafire.com/file/8sbr4oii88x5j4m/z0dockcan.txt/file


"Killing Machine" : Character at Level 94, with most skills at or near 90. Tested the canister effect itself and the first few areas, but otherwise mostly untested. Still, I'd bet even Über Trajkov wouldn't last long against this character. https://www.mediafire.com/file/yre7nvtoe2czhd8/z0dockcan.txt/file


Instructions : Copy & Paste z0dockcan.txt into the Scripts folder (inside the "Geneforge Mutagen Files" folder that's inside your Geneforge folder). Then start a new game and use the very first canister. Enjoy.

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