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Returning to Avadon II after some years, got a problem with a demon in Vardegras lair.

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So, there is this huge demon and a "magic circle" with crystals that "shine briefly".
I already kill it years ago but I can't remember how.
I was there minutes ago with a Tinkermage level 28, strenght 24, dexterity 24, intelligence 16, endurance 15; two ice turrets level 9, earthshatter scarab, tinkermage shortblade with bladelash, some good trinkets, +15% to hit chance scarab, wand of calling, ice, lightning, venom and more... and I feel lucky I saved the game just before starting combat, because this demon takes everything I hit it with and regenerate itself.
Which is the trick to defeat him, please?
Thanks 🙂

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  • Superba changed the title to Returning to Avadon II after some years, got a problem with a demon in Vardegras lair.

Thanks, now I think to remember that the magic circle with lights is part of the fight, maybe I got to go there and make the demon follow, because there the fight changes way of execution and it is possible to interrupt its regeneration. I'll try to do that.

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In the end, the one written above was the right way to proceed. The magic circle prevents the Demon to regenerate. It was necessary to lure the demon into the magic circle. By the way, not so easy to lure it exactly into the circle, because of its long range fire. So you need to go a little south of the circle to lure it into the right spot.
I left to go on with other quests, after the dialogue with Vardegras, then I went back there with the companions, killed the demon and loot the lair without being chased by Vardegras :-)

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