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Fast Travel Map Seems Bugged or Poorly Designed

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Greetings, all!

I've been enjoying my game so far with the biggest detractor so far being the overworld map.  I assumed it was like in many games, where once I unlocked access to a region/map location I could travel there whenever I was on the map instead of needing to walk through every map every time.  I assumed that if we were meant to be prevented from warping to an area, scripted events would prevent us from going to that map or through that map node.

On a similar note, I want to be able to access the overworld if my main character is on a blue travel spot, regardless of where my creations are.  Finally, for villages, let us simply open the world map at any time out of combat and fast travel.

Note that I only started playing tonight.  Pweath avoid spoilers.  This is a request to the dev(s) to fix this for a near-term release so we may enjoy the game more.

Thankee and alleluia!

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You have to clear an area before you can move freely through it. Cleared areas are green on the map; areas that you've found but haven't cleared are red. You can go from any cleared area to any area that's adjacent to it, but you can't go through an uncleared area to reach another area. Each area has its own rule for when it's cleared. So look for the green ones!

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Also, once the areas around, say Pentil are also cleared/green, you can choose how you enter the village/map zone by clicking on the green dot representing where you want to go.  The little arrow that shows how you're going to enter there should cycle through your choices with each click (such as you wanting to dump some loot on the merchants right by the east gate but you're coming in from the west.  A couple of clicks should have you entering by the east, saving you the walk across the map.


Once you have a continuous green path from say Point A to Point D, once you leave Point D, you can jump straight back to A without having to walk through B & C again (assuming that they are green/cleared)

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