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This game has been so neat!

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Hey! First time playing any Spiderweb games, and I've been plugging away at Geneforge 1 - Mutagen for a while now. I still can't get over the sense of freedom I have exploring. Here's a picture of my map progress so far. As you can probably see, I haven't even gone into Kazg yet because I've just been having too much fun exploring anything and everything. By now I've met (wait, I don't know what counts as a spoiler. I guess I'll put the name in a spoiler tag just to be safe?) the very significant character



but I haven't decided whether to take his quest. I still need to meet



before I really decide. It certainly feels like I've been skipping a lot of important story beats so far, but I'm just having too much fun wandering around and seeing what I can find! It's been pretty tough going at times though. I'm only playing on normal, and I've been taking basically every canister, but there are some areas like Western Wastes that are just killing me. I figure I'll just need to come back for those later. Oh, I also have no idea how to build my Shaper, haha. I don't know if this is at all what I should be doing with my stats, but I've been having a grand time.


Please tell me that the other Spiderweb games are this engrossing!

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1 hour ago, The Shape of Magic said:


Please tell me that the other Spiderweb games are this engrossing!


Pretty much, yeah.


Geneforge has 5 chapters as originally written (this is a remake of the first one to update it/make it work on modern computers)

Avernum has 6 chapters (the first three being a remake of a remake of what originally was 'Exile' waaay back in the day - again to update things)

Avadon has 3 chapters

Nethergate is a stand alone game but you can play one of the protagonist groups on one play through & the other 'side' on another (so essentially two games in one)

Queen's Wish is the latest game series (QW2 scheduled to come out as the next game) & is expected to be a trilogy


So, you've got a LOT of wonderful, story filled, entertainment in your future.  Enjoy it as it's a hell of a ride.


And of course welcome, please leave your sanity at the door.

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They are all fantastic. It is money well spent. Many of the games can be played nearly infinitely. After you play through completely, try a new one with a different character. Try signing on for each of the philosophies and complete a game with that philosophy. Try the game backwards, like go to the forge first and work your way back. Make friends or enemies and complete a game with their support or anger. Skip visiting certain characters. Play at a harder or easier level. Try with no companions or a few or the max. Try cross-combinations of skills and weapons, more magic or more brute strength or both. After you know where to get certain hot weapons or hot spells go there first or as early as you can. After a few dozen complete play throughs invent some new weapons by making a mod. Also reuse your saved games. I have one right before going into a very hot battle and when I want a class brawl I load it and fight for an hour. Revisit the battles and try different strategies. I saved the dock battle and tried many different strategies. I also discovered a major secret there that I did not notice the first 15 playthoughs. Doh!


All these reasons, and many many others, add up to a five star game rating in my book. The decades of joy have been great!! Thanks to Jeff Vogel 😍


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