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New Details on the Sequel from Blog Post


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Jeff updated his blog which has some information on the sequel to Queen's Wish: https://bottomfeeder.substack.com/p/how-i-findstealgrind-out-my-game


Not a whole lot of info, but we know the game will be called "Queen's Wish: The Tormentor." Here's the description:


"You are the bored prince of a mighty Empire. One of your client states has been neglected for many years and is on the edge of rebellion. You must go there, investigate the problems, and decide how to fix them and what the fate of this land will be."


The land it takes place in is called The Rokaj (or The Ro for short), which will have 5 provinces. From the description, it once again looks like we'll be playing Haven Royalty, although it's not quite confirmed if it will be the same protagonist as the first game.

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