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attack percentages

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I'm new to Spiderweb games, playing Avernum:Escape from the Pit, and enjoying it more than any such game I've played since Diablo 1, which goes back a few years.  


Attacks are shown as percentages, and I'm not sure exactly what that refers to.   'Jeff attacks bat (97%)'  Bat takes 2 hits.


Does the percentage represent how effecient Jeff was in making the attack?



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First, welcome.


The percentage is your 'to hit' percent.  In this case you had a 97% chance of hitting said bat (actually, iirc, there is a max of 95% chance to hit in this game - the classic "you rolled a 1 on your d20...").  The percentages are a good thing to keep an eye on.  Later on, if your frontline tank only has a 15% chance of hitting 'x' demon, a better strategy might be to have him dealing out the healing & buffs while your backline magic users beat on him with spells.


There are six chapters in the Avernum story (the first three of which have been remade/updated), enjoy the journey...it's a hell of a ride.

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