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Running Avernum 6 in Virtual Mac


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I have been able to create VMs on a Mac running macOS 11 (Big Sur) of older Mac OSes to run Avernum 4 and 5. They run perfectly fine. Avernum 6 does not work in any of the OSes or VM settings I have tried. It looks like there is a graphics card or full-screen issue with the game window. Has anyone been able to get this to successfully work?

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Fusion is 12.1.2.

The bare-metal support isn't going to work, because it is for virtualized macOS 11 (Big Sur) VMs. Avernum 6 is definitely not supported in that (BigSur) OS.

My Avernum 4-5-6 disc is Mac only, which is why I have been trying to get a Mac VM up and running that can support 6. As a test, I fired up a Win10 VM and the demo version of Avernum 6 seems to work A-OK there.


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good that you got it working you can request registration keys from jeff vogel. if you need registration key contact jeff vogel.


you could ask from jeff vogel if he has any ideas how to get a6 to work properly on big sur vm and also ask tips on vmware forum (answer might be that you need older fuaion).

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