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A3:RW. Is the Slime Pit supposed to empty after killing Alien Slime?

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It does make sense that it would happen, but still feels weird. I think it's weirder that I was able to get to the alien slime without killing all 5 slime spawner things. Every other time I played Avernum 3, I remember having to kill all 5 before being allowed into the alien slime's room.

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IIRC, there is an initial wiping out of all the remaining slimes when the Alien Slime is killed.  However, if/when you come back later to get into that area up at the top of the map where you need a more powerful dispel barrier than a crystal gives, there may be a (very) few that have repopulated somewhat (much like there may be a couple of unicorns in the dungeon near Ft Emergence a few weeks after clearing it out the first time - monsters in dungeons will slightly repopulate over time).


Again IIRC, you need to eliminate a minimum of three of the spawning pools before you can get to the Alien Slime.  Eliminating all five provides for an easier final fight with it.

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