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viable melee build on veteran?

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After an awakened shaper game and a taker agent game, I'm playing a loyalist guardian on veteran difficulty. I had imagined a melee based build, but between the enemies' ripostes, thorns, and volatile explosions, I'm starting to wonder if it's even possible. I'm focusing on melee skill, quick action, and bits of mech/leadership, but I still feel totally underpowered. Am I missing something or is melee just a rough road to try? Does it get easier in the late game?


Thanks always. I've been lurking and this forum seems really chill and welcoming.

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It is possible to have more of a melee guardian by increasing endurance to have enough health to survive more attacks. There will be several places where you will want to use missile attacks just to avoid damage or speed up the fight. Also evasion and agility helps against single target attacks in places like the Guarded Bridge north of Pentil.


Melee and pretty much any build gets easier with essence shield to absorb some damage.


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Even if you're focused on melee, I think it's still usually a good idea to use any tools at your disposal, including spells (Daze doesn't require any investment in Mental Magic) and ranged weapons (I would usually open with ranged weapons and switch to melee when I got closer to the enemies). Melee focused guardians can output some impressive damage, but there's no reason to make it your only form of attack.

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