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I entered the area immediately to the N of the Eastern entrance and saw the yellow trigger.

I went into combat mode to deal with the trigger.

I moved 5 spaces from the first trigger

I then ended the character turn and cycled through the creatures until I got back to the character.

I then sent the character to diffuse the trigger. But about 2 spaces from the trigger I got a pop up dialog warning me that while the mines weren't armed that could change.

My characters movement was ended and the trigger triggered.

The pop up dialog shouldn't have used up my characters action points.

UPDATE: I tried to repeat this but couldn't so I must have been mistaken.  Is there a way to delete topics?

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  • trinko changed the title to Mistake

There will be many places where trying to touch things during combat will use up your movement points and interrupt your flow. The one that aggravates me the most is when you open something and you can't pick up what was inside because you used up your movement points. Then on the next turn you burn off movement points having to first close the box so you close it and skip the rest of your movement bc it will possibly happen again. Then open it at the beginning of your turn and you can take something out. Those crystals you are referring to take planning to reach at the time you need to in combat, frequently going half way to it so the next turn you have enough points to turn it off. Also, sometimes you can't achieve the goal during combat because you have to react quickly to turn off two in a matter of seconds. A few places have those kind of parameters.


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