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How to deal with closely spaced yellow mine triggers?


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I'm in the Shapers Crypt and my character with mechanics 11 and the tinker gloves is able to defuse all the yellow mine triggers.

Except for those cases where there are two of the triggers 3 spaces apart. I believe it takes 3 action points to defuse the trigger which means that unless I start right next to one of them I can't defuse both before one of them activates. But that's impossible since if I start closer than 4 spaces to either of them they will trigger.

I tried using a speed potion, which oddly doesn't give me an extra action points.  Any idea on how to deal with this?


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You have to do them out of combat mode. Click on one to move towards a trigger, then move the cursor on to the next trigger so when you do the first you will be able to do the next. There should be enough time to get the second before it triggers. 


Save often because it is hard even with practice. It's easy to click next to instead of on the trigger.

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