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It's a bit early to know since he is still finishing the iPad version of Geneforge 1 - Mutagen. I'd give it 2 more months before we hear anything.


He did start Queen's Wish 2, but at this point it's probably a few zones and the game engine with whatever changes he's made based on players's comments. Just enough to test it and the rest is notes for a plot and maps.

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Note, I have zero knowledge of Jeff's thinking on this (or most any other subject...).  That said, probably.  The others seem to have been well received & provide a lot of up front money which tends to be useful.  As to when?  Memorial Day is probably a bit soon.  Labor Day is probably too long a wait.  So during the summer sometime would be my guess for an announcement/actual Kickstarter (I'd think he'd want most of the game at least mentally mapped out so that he was fairly confident in meeting the goal dates).

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