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Avernum games: slowly in 10.4.8?

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Yesterday I installed the systemupdate of 10.4.8. Guess what. All Avernum games run extremely sluggishly, to the extent that it's hardly playable (I didn't testAvernum 4, though. I only tested Averum 1, 2, 3 and BoA). It's mainly the fighting, shooting arrows and such, which has gotten painfully slow. Would anybody know how to work this out? I didn't have any problems previously, in 10.4.7.

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Apple changed the old software emulation in the new version of OS X. This seems to be affecting people with a case of the slows. I'll see what Apple does about Rosetta (the emulation software).


If nothing improves, I'll probably address this after Geneforge 4 is out. I can't do it sooner because I'll be using Geneforge 4 to learn how to make Universal programs.


- Jeff Vogel

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The problem is very unpredictable. It can vary from machine to machine. It can even come and go on the same machine. (I'm hearing a lot about it in the Geneforge 4 beta test).


The idea of modifying all of the Avernum games yet again to Universalize them is excruciating, but it is appearing to be necessary.


- Jeff Vogel

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10.4.8 Actual fix list for Intel Build. it did put a bit of focus on rosetta. I don't remember how thorough the notes were in the regular read me. But the ADC notes might help you a little to see why your software may be behaving differently.


- Fixed problem with Rosetta

- Fixed Floating Point problem with Rosetta

- Rosetta sqrt issue fixed

- Fixed Rosetta pow() function

- Fixed problem with Rosetta and launching DVDs

- Fixed issue with CoreImage and iChat

- Addressed issue with OpenGL Framework

- Fixed issue where FireWire devices may not be recognized

- Fixed issue with Cisco VPN Client

- Fixed issue where Windows Sharing would turn off after Restart

- Fixed problem where FireWire drive may not be recognized

- Fixed issue with AirPort

- Fixed issue with CoreImage

- Fixed issue with CoreImage and web images

- Fixed problem with Desktop/Screen Saver preferences

- Fixed issue with Image Capture

- Fixed problem with Xsan 1.4 and file types

- Fixed issue with Image RAW

- Fixed problem with CoreImage and web images

- Fixed issue with ImageIO

- Addressed issue with CoreImage and ColorSync

- Fixed issue with Xsan and File Manager

- Fixed issue with "getcat"

- Fixed problem with AFP Server

- Fixed issue with CFNetwork and HTTPS pages

- Fixed issue with LoginWindow and Fast User Switching

- Problem with CUPS and CDSASSL codepath fixed

- Fixed issue with ImageCapture

- Fixed ColorSync issue with V4 ICC profiles

- Fixed LoginWindow UI issue

- Fixed problem with WebCore

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My macbook pro is currently at apple for logicboard issues again...When i get it back I will do some testing myself. I have not attempted to launch any games since 10.4.8 in rosetta. My intel mac tends to be my windows machine and i use PPC mac for everything else..

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The Avernum trilogy runs unplayably poor on my 1st Gen MacBook 1.83ghz too frown Running OS X 10.4.9. I've tried universal-ising an application before... and it was only a couple hundred lines of code and it drove me nuts. Mind you, I'm still learning Objective-C so all those compile errors were Japanese to me wink


I can only imagine how busy you guys are at the moment, but if you could spare some time for us poor Intel mac buyers, I'd be incredibly grateful. <3


For the time being I'm gonna play it on my Windows machine laugh

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