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Ancient Crypt - How deactivate crystal sensors that are close together near the end?

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I am near the endpoint of the 'Ancient Crypt' and am faced with a row of 4 crystal sensors. I cannot seem to deactivate them quickly enough. I have tried consuming a speed pod & casting haste, but I still just get 8 action points and that is not enough to go up between the two close sensors and deactivate both. I am always one action point short of getting to its neighbor in the same sequence, hence the alarm gets set off.


Is there any way of deactivating these sensors in time?

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It may not seem obvious, but don't do this in combat mode since you aren't fighting enemies too.


Click on the target  crystal trigger to get you character moving towards a trigger and while in motion move the cursor over to the next trigger,. When you deactivate the first, immediately click on the next one to move to deactivate it. It may take a few tries to make sure you were centered on each trigger crystal so they will be deactivated and even after doing it several times it Is possible to be slightly off and only moving next to the trigger. So make sure you save often.

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2 hours ago, Randomizer said:

It may not seem obvious, but don't do this in combat mode since you aren't fighting enemies too

Wasn't obvious to this puppy... Thank you so much! Very simple. That means I could have cleared the whole area much more simply than I did.

I appreciate all your tips over so many years, Randomizer.

I never thought I would really like GF-1 as I was much more of an 'Avernum' fan. I tried GF series some but could never really get into it. This time, I actually have been enjoying it and finding it interesting.

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