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A2:CS. Lemonwood bow Vs Crude Longbow

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Usually, when an item is worth more than another similar item, it is better in some way. An instance where this doesn't seem to be the case is with the bows in the topic title. Lemonwood (mmm lemon) Bow is worth 4 times more than the Crude Longbow. The Crude Longbow seems to be much better, it even has a +10% to crit chance. Is this just an example of more expensive not being better? Or am I missing something about Lemonwood Bows.

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Yeah, going from memory here, it's the difference between short & long bows.  The long bows have the critical hit bonus, short do not.  So it's like an apples to pears comparison here, close but not exactly the same.  IIRC there's lemonwood longbows later in the game that you can make a more direct comparison to.

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